Breaking Through Barriers And Building Bridges With The Gospel

About Edwin

Born and raised in New York City, Edwin Perez is an author, pastor, influencer, and blogger who is passionate about people and seeing change in communities through the message of the gospel. Called to the ministry at the age of 16, his hunger for a deeper understanding of God’s word led him to Northpoint Bible College. While he was there, he traveled throughout the New England and tri-state area speaking and ministering. After graduating, he returned to his hometown of Queens, New York, to preach the gospel to the unreached, focusing on outreach and youth ministries.

In his hometown, he worked for many years as a youth director and outreach pastor and wasn’t satisfied until every encounter led souls to Christ.

One of his favorite quotes is by Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon: “To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in this world and with every soul you bring to Jesus Christ, you seem to get a new Heaven here upon earth!”

Edwin received his BS in Biblical and Theological Studies and is currently enrolled in a Master of Divinity program at Fuller Theological Seminary. He also loves coffee, working out, and is an avid collector of books.

He is married to Jocelyn, and they have two boys, Elijah and Ethan. Edwin regularly blogs at

“God’s grace in Christ fortifies the walls we need and tears down the ones we don’t.” 
― Edwin J. Perez

Bob Morales 

Associate Pastor, Light of the World Church

“The guidance in this book is so much more than a map on how to get from A to Z. The words on each page have been instilled with God’s purpose for everyone’s journey until Jesus calls us home to be with Him. God has taken Edwin on a pilgrimage that has sealed his passion to help others see the ambush the enemy sets in front of all who blindly walk into his traps. May all who read these pages be encouraged and blessed as I was and will continue to be.”

Efrain Figueroa 

Executive Director of New Life of New York City

“The subject of walls is a delicate topic in our world today. We have all dealt with walls in one form or another. Whether your walls have been spiritual or physical, Edwin’s work, Restoring the Walls, is sure to challenge you to grow. I believe without a doubt that you will grow spiritually after you read this book. This work is destined to begin a revolution in you!”

Todd Korpi 

Urban Missiologist, Author of The Life-Giving Spirit

“In both our society and personal lives, walls can serve the purpose of building us up in God’s intended purpose or dividing us from it. In this book, Edwin unpacks that idea beautifully. Using the thought-provoking and inspiring story of Nehemiah and his band of misfits who ‘had a mind to work,’ Edwin gives much-needed and well-executed advice for the body of Christ today.”

Jesus, the Prince of Demons?

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