My Surgical Experience

Presently I’m recuperating from a knee injury that dates back since I was about 16. During the years of wear and tear I had to have my ACL reconstructed and my meniscus (which was torn in 3 places) operated on. What an experience! The first surgery was conducted on Jan 11 for the meniscus. Being my first ever surgery I was quite excited and unsure at the same time. The anesthesiologist told me to count down from 10, thinking I can brave it to 1, I only made it to 8.

Yesterday I had my ACL reconstructed. This time I didn’t have to wait a grueling 6 hours before surgery and was done with the procedure in a few hours. Though I’m limited in walking and other activities, I can focus on recovering and getting back to a healthy me. I have learned to count it all a joy and learn from my experiences that will shape me into Christlikeness. It’s only a matter of time till the Sons return and I don’t want to be caught laying in my bed begging for His mercy. Instead I want to be caught up in the air with an army of souls behind me. To populate heaven is my honor and privilege and though I can’t walk, the words I write and lives I encounter will see the hope inside me.

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