Reaching Out or Reaching In?

One of our greatest weaknesses in the church has to be in the ministry of Evangelism. When someone is asked, “When was the last time you shared your faith to someone,” fear, terror and mixed emotions begin to swell up. Why is it that this lost ministry has become one of the churches weakest points when the last command of Christ was to make disciples?

I’m reminded of Christmas when I was younger and would actually find the hidden presents and slowly,with stealth like accuracy, remove the wrapping to see what I got. I know I’m not the only one here! We’ve become complacent in keeping the gift of eternal life all to ourselves. If you had the cure for a terminal disease and someone you loved was infected, wouldn’t you give them the cure? But like most Christians the answer to the world’s problems continue in a spiral of addictions and has reached beyond the state of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As you go, preach this message: “The kingdom of heaven is near.” Matthew 10:7

Life is but a vapor and the time for selfishness and self-righteousness needs to be discarded in the waste basket of lifelessness. Predictions of end times and false prophets are a warning to this generation of the upcoming return of the king.

Go and reach out to those who need the saviors love, reach out to someone who may not smell, look or even have your values. Stop reaching in, thinking that the lost is lining up in front of our church steps waiting to hear the good news. What kind of church are you? It’s time to stop reaching in and begin to reach out.

“As soon as a man has found Christ, he begins to find others.” – Charles Spurgeon

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