Did Jesus Wear Pants?

In today’s church the professing Traditional Christian has a certain perspective on what they feel should be Holy wear when gathering to meet with God at His house. Gen 2:25 tells us that Adam and Eve came into this world naked and unashamed. What a Sunday service that would be! Due to mans fall, the shame of sin was placed on humankind and God provided the first brand name of clothing (Gen 3:21). Our culture has seen its fair share of clothing hitting the market and our taste buds have left a desire to keep up with the times. But the issue is not what kind of clothing should be worn at God’s house but what honors Him. The emerging contemporary church has found to be more relax in its garments and has drawn a younger generation of men and women. It’s not what you put on that draws the crowd. The Gospel accounts tell us that the crowds followed Jesus because of the sign and wonders He performed.

The bible expresses how women should dress in 1 Tim 2:9 and 1 Pet 3:3-4 to name a few. Some cultures may see what you wear to be offensive and taking that into consideration will allow their heart to receive His enabling power.

Romans 14:21 “It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.”

A level of modesty, clothing that doesn’t degrade the gospel or promote evil and that doesn’t look like there painted on you should be taken into account when you present yourself as a living sacrifice before a Holy God. So did Jesus wear pants? When the Roman soldiers tore the garments of Christ into four pieces leaving only His girdle and casting lots, exposed bearing the sins of the world, hearing the laughter of the crowd and the premature celebration in Hell, how Jesus dressed to the Cross, honored the Father in Heaven.

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