Dealing With Doubting Friends


When faced with the realities of doubt, the Christian believer has his or her work cut out for them. The humanistic worldview way of thinking has suppressed the mindset and dumbed down societies approach to engaging in the individual’s faith. All around us are missed opportunities to practice our belief and ask for anything in faith (Jas.1:6) without hesitation. In responding to a struggling friend who is facing doubt due to their circumstance, the biblical approach should first begin in love. We all have fallen short of the expectations of Christ (Rom. 3:23) and have failed, numerous of times and will continue to fail. We need not be surprised at the trials that we are suffering from (1 Pet 4:12), sorrow, suffering and difficulty are a part of life.

The problem of evil will not stop but will continue to oppress those who are faithful to Him. John MacArthur has two ways to approach the problem of evil, philosophically and emotionally. “The philosophical (or logical) approach involves theodicy. Theodicy is a defensive of Gods stated character in the Bible against the charge that he should not permit bad things to happen. The emotional (or individual) approach is personal. It is simply the effort to formulate a reasonable response to undesirable things when they do happen.” God has not stood still or distanced himself from our friend but is an ever-present help in time of trouble (Ps.46:1).

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is very easy to tell someone, I’ll pray for you, and by some miraculous intervention the situation will resolve itself. Far from the truth, the mystery of evil still plagues the believer. There is a direct reason for our suffering that sometimes must be due to our sin. Christopher Wright sheds some light on this, “Genesis 3 describes in a profoundly simple story the entry of sin into human life and experience. It came about because of our willful rejection of Gods authority, distrust of God’s goodness, and disobedience of God’s commands.” 

Even with the struggle of doubt and suffering there is an assurance we can hold on to. Rejoice that we participate in the suffering of Christ (1 Pet.4:13) because the kingdom of God will be your reward (Matt. 5:10-12). As we endure we grow in Godly character, and what is intended for evil, God meant it for our good (Gen. 50:20). That should be our confidence and hope as we walk in grace.

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