How Long Should You Wait On God?


While I was attending my senior year of high school, the question which plagued my mind was the uncertainty of the future. Here I was, almost about to embark on life’s new journey, without a clue as to what would transpire. I applied for many universities in hopes that one would respond to my beckoning call. The days seem like weeks and the weeks like months. The mailman who delivered the bills, coupons and magazines couldn’t come fast enough as he strolled down from house to house but still I wouldn’t get my answer. Eventually I did and so began the long-awaited road I’m currently on to this day.

Gods Speedometer Has No Limit

It’s not easy to wait especially living in the city that never sleeps. I grew up in New York my whole life and constantly felt the pressure of this fast pace city. From fast food to even faster internet speed we have grown accustom to a gimme it now mentality. The problem is when we approach this way of thinking we don’t always get the best results. Imagine for a moment if Moses never listened to God’s instruction to wait on the mountain for the commandments (Ex.24:12). I’m sure we would’ve received them regardless because God will use a donkey (Num.22:23-30) or jawbone (Judges 15:15) to get his message across.

“A soul cannot seek close fellowship with God, or attain the abiding consciousness of waiting on Him all the day, without a very honest and entire surrender to all His will.”

Andrew Murray

The concept of time has misguided and prompted in us a speedometer that results in poor quality craftsmanship on our part. I like to call it “spiritual cheap labor” when we just approach God’s directives from A to Z and skip all the in-between. The phenomenal thing about Gods clock is that it’s always set for our best interest. Maybe today your reading this and you found yourself waiting on some big important news. Don’t be dismayed because in due season (Ps.145:14-5) He will give you your food and prepare a table before your enemies (Ps. 23:5). Impatience leaves our goals along the road, looking for shortcuts to life and by this will lead us to hit the reset button. But it’s not game over or a time to call it quits but to pray for strength, let you heart take courage (Ps. 27:14) and  grow in the grace He provides.

Time Is of His Essence

The saying goes that “time flies when you’re having fun” but we have lost that enjoyment and squandered this precious gift. The prophet Hosea dates a time in Israels history when they experienced military success and prospered greatly throughout the kingdom. This situation would soon change as the Assyrians would defeat Israel. Hosea delivers God’s message that a breach of covenant was not acceptable and as a result judgement would commence. But God is neither slack or slothful in His salvation and in Hosea 12:6 commissions them to wait continually.

The question I proposed in the title of this blog is answerable if we would adjust our clock to his timeline. The great thing about God is that He is always waiting on us, it’s not a chess-game to see who wins or a stalemate because He always has the final move. Learning to just let God rotate and wind us up will bring everlasting fulfillment, unspeakable joy and the answer to our prayers.

Psalm 62:5-6 

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.




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