The Gods We Serve


What gods are we serving? The question strikes at the very core of my own institution of Christendom. I will serve the Lord alone is our heartfelt reply but our actions prove otherwise. All around us, concealed in the corridors of our very soul, lays desires that cause the almighty to take a backseat and are replaced by false illusions of grandeur. The problem is that we’ve allowed the very things handed down to us as gifts from the Father to become idols and we commit a spiritual act of adultery by serving two masters (Matt.6:24).

There was a time during my youth when I felt heartbroken thinking that I might be forgotten. A new sibling entered into my small little world and what looked at first as a great welcoming home celebration, would soon turn into feelings of resentment. You see, I was the only child and held that title for a few years. It was all about me, the attention, gifts, you name it but soon that would take a detour. The believer struggles with that very nature because of its sinful habits. Now I’m not saying my parents didn’t love me equally, far be it from the truth, what I’m painting is a portrait of how we choose the new, unpacked and non-threating approachable thing. Our innate humanistic desire is to serve that which can benefit us the most. Todays modern idolatry doesn’t come in a little golden calf but in the form of drugs, money, sex, the list is exhausted.

If you recall the people of God experienced the turning away from their true master. The book of Exodus records a time when God miraculous delivers his people out of the hand of Pharoah. Then at the mountain, all seemed to be lost because they focused their attention on a new master (Ex.32:1). We become idolators the moment we take our eyes away from God and look towards other means of temporary satisfaction who are impotent and powerless to save (Isa.45:20).

“Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God, your functional savior. ”
― Martin Luther

Recently I attended an event that hosted an entourage of celebrities of this particular industry. What I saw didn’t go unnoticed. A line of people began to form just to snap a quick picture and autograph some memorabilia with this individual. If only we had the same righteous enthusiasm for our God? Imagine the spiritual magnitude if every Christian honored God in this way? But instead we give Him lip service and take the heart out of the equation (Isa. 29:13). We substitute worldly possessions in hopes of filling an emptiness that only Christ can fill.

How are you spending your 24 hour day? Do you find yourself sleeping most of the day, than sleep is your idol. Are you constantly on your phone, updating your latest Facebook status, than your cellphone is your idol. Do you sit before the TV, spending hours catching up on your DVR shows than TV is your idol. Whatever occupies your time in opposition to God is determental to your relationship with Him. As a result our destiny will be our destruction (Phil 3.19) serving these lifeless false gods (Ps.106:28) that drain our senses (Deut. 4:28). Choose this day whom you will serve! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Joshu 24:15) the living and true God (1 Thess 1:9).

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